Art Contest for Sherlockian Artists

“The Letter” by Bonnie MacBird

An art contest to celebrate the new Sherlock Holmes novel ART IN THE BLOOD.

Calling all Sherlockian artists!  DEADLINE EXTENDED TO SEPT 10!!!!

Enter now for a chance to have your original artwork on display during a launch party for the new Sherlockian thriller ART IN THE BLOOD by Bonnie MacBird, HarperCollins, September 2015.  And compete for a purchase award of £100 from the famous Sherlock Holmes Hotel on Baker Street.

See all entries here

Details and booking for that are here:  Sept 17 Cocktails with the Baker Street Babes – Art in the Blood

Jenny Beavan
Jenny Beavan

Jenny Beavan, costume designer for the RDJ Sherlock Holmes films is one of the judges!

Costumes designed by Jenny Beavan
Costumes designed by Jenny Beavan


1.  Be creative!  2.  Take a picture of your art and save as a jpg.  Name it: YOURNAMESherlockArt.jpg, so for example:  3. Fill out the form below.  4.Upload the picture to us by September 8th at midnight.  5.If selected as a finalist, you’ll be contacted and asked to bring or ship your art by September 15th to the Hotel. 6.  If unable to get your art to the hotel, keep an eye out here for Honorable Mentions.


The top ten artists who are invited… and are able to deliver their work or provide a digital printout  will show their art at the Baker Street Babes Cocktail Party on Thursday September 17th at the Sherlock Holmes Hotel on Baker Street in London.

The top three artists then on display will each win a signed copy of the book and a medal.


One lucky artist may win A PURCHASE AWARD FROM THE HOTEL FOR £100.   (That means they have purchased your work).  This will be subject to the hotel’s discretion.  If no suitable art is submitted, this award will not be given. If you are chosen,  hotel will then hang or display your art somewhere in the hotel at their discretion.


1. What:  Your work must be your original artwork, not photoshopped actors, but something you created.  It can be in any style but must contain Sherlock Holmes or Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson together.  In Victorian attire.  Not modern clothes.  (It is okay if they resemble actors but no photos). There can be a detailed background or no background at all.

2. Medium: Any medium, ink, pencil, paint, sculpture, etc.   but final product/image/sculpture not to exceed 4 feet by 4 feet (4’x4′). Digital art is okay but only if it is entirely created by you and not some Photoshopped photograph.

3. Style:  Any.  Impressionist, colourist, cartoon, realist, cubist, surreal, pointillist, semi abstract… etc. Any. As long as it it Sherlock Holmes….or Holmes and Watson.

4. Deadline:  All work must be uploaded to this site by  midnight London time, September 10th.  Entries will be closed at that point.

5.  Judges: Costume designer Jenny Beavan (Sherlock Holmes) Baker Street Babes Sora and Katherine, and author Bonnie MacBird will choose 10 finalists who will be invited to get their work to the hotel between September 12 and 15th.

Honorable mentions who are unable to bring in their work will be featured on this site.

1. Delivery:

If selected as a finalist, IDEALLY you will  deliver your original artwork (preferred) or ship to arrive at The Sherlock Holmes Hotel, 108 Baker Street WIU 6LJ  in London between September 12 and September 15, 2015. 

Your work, if invited, must arrive in a firm mounting.  Frames are not required  but if on paper or canvas,  your work must be at least supported with a firm backing.

If you cannot get your work to us in physical form, digital may be accepted, due to the late deadline.  Finalists’ work will  presented in a moving slide display at the party.

For physical works,  shipping must be arranged by you or by your designated proxy who will take responsibility.  The contest organizers will not deal with shipping your work back to you. You must organize this yourself.

You need not be present to win.

6. Limitations.  Please read carefully:

1.  Your entry must be your original work from your own two hands. Not photoshopped photos.  Instead…something you drew, painted, sculpted, or created electronically… from scratch. Digital art is okay.

2.  Advice….Although many of us appreciate and admire slash, please put on your traditional hats for this contest, ladies and gents, as that’s what the hotel is more likely to purchase.

3.  Sherlock Holmes or Holmes and Watson.  In Victorian garb.  In Victorian times. Not because we’re hardcore traditionalists (we are not), but we are celebrating a book that takes place in 1888.

Questions?  Email bonnie (at) macbird (dot )com.

Do not send in any original work to the hotel without an express invitation from the contest organizers.  We will not be responsible for returning work that is sent to the hotel uninvited.

GOOD LUCK ARTISTS… pick up your pens, pencils and brushes… now….

Entry Form

Your Name
Your Email
Full Mailing Address
Title of Work
Original Medium (watercolor, pencil, pen and ink, charcoal, colored pencil, oil, acrylic, collage, electronic, other - specify)
Size of your original work (or size that you will print out your electronic file in high resolution if chosen as a finalist)

I am able to have my artwork to the designated location if I am chosen as a finalist.


I certify that this work is wholly my own original creation.


I give permission for my artwork to appear on this Web site and on the Baker Street Babes Web site.


Upload Your Art File (JPG or PNG only, max file size 32Mb)

NOTE: file uploads can take a long time. Please be patient.


Gallery of Submissions

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Note: Submissions will be displayed after review by contest administrators.


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