Lectures and Workshops: Bonnie MacBird

Lectures and workshops by Bonnie MacBird are available to be booked for your conference, meeting, or event.   She has also frequently appeared as a panelist.   (Photo taken at Comicaze, Los Angeles, 2014) SherlockPanelComicaze

Customized topics are available, and current subjects include


  • Art in the Blood – The Vernet family (about 20 min)
  • Art in the Blood – Is Artistic Talent Learned or Inherited – Canonical and  scientific evidence (about 20 min)
  • Art in the Blood – What it was like to be considered “artistic” in the Victorian era…and now (about 20 min)
  • Art in the Blood (longer version) – a combination of any of the above talks (40- 60 min)
  • A Study in Excellence – the Screenwriting of Sherlock BBC – 30 min
  • Victorian Hats and Sherlock Holmes – 15 minutes.


  • The Write-Out  –  an effective daily practice for screenwriters
  • Improv for Screenwriters
  • Writing for Actors
  • The MBTI for writers
  • Block Breakers for Writers
  • Emulating Style –  Updating a “Victorian Voice” for modern readers.
  • Acting for Writers

To inquire or book Bonnie, email:  bonnie (at) macbird (dot) com


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