What Child is This?

What Child is This?

(Now available in the US & UK)

"Stimulates the mind while it warms the heart" — Leslie S. Klinger

"No one can surpass Conan Doyle at his best, but a select few pastiche writers get close enough that they can almost reach out and touch the master. Bonnie MacBird is one of those writers that, in my opinion, achieves this consistently. If you need a Holmes story for Christmas (and who doesn't?) get hold of this immediately." — The Doyleockian, September 2022

London. Christmas. The angelic three-year-old child of a wealthy couple is the target of a vicious kidnapper, and a country aristocrat worries that his handsome, favourite son has mysteriously vanished from his London pied à terre. Holmes and Watson, aided by Heffie O’Malley, slip slide in the ice to ensure a merry Christmas is had by nearly everybody . . .

The Three Locks Book Cover

The Three Locks

1887, Indian Summer broils London and Cambridge.  A mysterious locked and impregnable box arrives for Watson with a secret from his past. A famous escape artist/conjurer burns to a crisp onstage, and the beautiful daughter of a Cambridge don vanishes after her lookalike doll is found dismembered in the Jesus Lock on the River Cam. Holmes and Watson tangle with prestidigitators and priests, scientists and scheming sisters as they risk life and limb to solve the murders. More...

Advance praise for The Three Locks

The Devils Due

The Devil’s Due

1890, Winter. A series of gruesome murders of wealthy philanthropists by a self-styled “Lucifer” terrifies London.  Hampered by a dangerous new man at Scotland Yard and a vengeful journalist, Holmes and Watson race through the city, confronting performers, princes, anarchists, and artists. But when Mycroft disappears, Watson fears Holmes may be moving too close to the flames himself.

Advance praise for The Devil's Due

Unquiet Spirits

December 1889.  Holmes and Watson race from London to the French Riviera, then a “haunted” castle in the Highlands  in a terrifying case involving the whisky business, French wine, long buried secrets, and a vibrant young Scotwoman. To solve the mysteries, Holmes must face a “ghost” from his own past.  Second in the series.


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Art in the Blood

Art in the Blood

Winter 1888, London, Paris, Lancashire. A child vanishes, a stolen statue leaves a trail of blood, and silk mill murders convolve into a fast-paced thriller in which Sherlock Holmes finds his artistic temperament and his friendship with Watson challenged to the limit.  First in the acclaimed HarperCollins series.



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“MacBird’s series grows stronger with each book and she remains, in my opinion, the best and most faithful pastiche writer out there today — bar none.”

— Alistair Duncan, The Doylockian

“Bonnie MacBird’s The Devil’s Due strikes me as one of the best Sherlock Holmes novels of recent memory.”

— Michael Dirda, The Washington Post

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