Bonnie’s Screenwriting Class – The Art of the Scene

Previously titled SCREENWRITING ON THE WRITE SIDE OF THE BRAIN PARTS I and II, Bonnie’s screenwriting class THE ART OF THE SCENE provides a fresh, high-energy and inspiring new approach to teaching the finer points of screenwriting.

With many years in the film industry as a screenwriter, feature film story editor,development executive, Emmy-winning producer and actor,  Bonnie has created a method well informed by practical experience.  One student described Bonnie’s class as —

“inspiring, passionate, packed full of information”

Lessons are adapted from the performing, visual, and musical arts, as well as cutting edge brain research and psychology.   The results are practical and instantly visible.  A unique feature is that professional actors (who are also writer/participants)  read the students’ work aloud.

the best writing class I have taken in over ten years of taking classes”

Bonnie’s unique experiential approach includes weekly scene challenges and in class-adventures including improvisation, drawing, music, and  other creative approaches which stimulate students from advanced beginner to accomplished professional to do their best work.

“remarkable synthesis of art, psychology, and craft”

Satisfied students include professional actors, screenwriters, cinematographers, indie filmmakers, novelists, professors, CEO’s, college students and many more. Many repeat students attest to the terrific blend of safe challenge …and fun!

“soon became my favorite night of the week”

Her 8-10 week courses are available on site only (not online)  at the UCLA campus.  Bonnie’s instructor statement may be linked to here:


Watch this space for news of upcoming classes
UCLA Extension, Westwood, CA