Sherlock Holmes

Bonnie MacBird is a member of the Baker Street Irregulars, The Adventuresses of Sherlock Holmes, The London Sherlock Holmes Society, and the Curious Collectors of Baker Street. She founded the Sherlock Breakfast Club in Los Angeles.

She speaks regularly on the Sherlockian circuit and has given talks on Art in the Blood: Nature or Nurture, Art in the Blood: Sherlock Holmes and the Vernet Family, How Change Changed in Late Victorian Times, The Screenwriting of BBC Sherlock, Writing as John Watson, and Unquiet Spirits: Drinks, Ghosts, and Sherlock Holmes.

She has appeared at 221BCon, Scintillation, From Gillette to Brett and Beyond, The Art of Sherlock Holmes at Chautauqua, and at the Agatha Christie Festival, as well as on panels at Bouchercon, and many other mystery writers’ conventions.

In addition to her two Sherlock Holmes novels for HarperCollins, Bonnie has had Sherlockian writings published in The Strand, The Watsonian, and in collections including About Sixty, Two, to One, Be, and several of David Marcum’s anthologies.


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