Unquiet Spirits

New from HarperCollins! UNQUIET SPIRITS A Sherlock Holmes Adventure. Whisky. Ghosts. Murder. In this second book in the Sherlock Holmes Adventure series, MacBird weaves a tale of kidnapping, bombing, ghosts, and murder which propels the Great Detective and Watson to London, the South of France and finally to the freezing Highlands of Scotland. There, in a “haunted” castle and among the copper dinosaurs of a great whisky distillery, they face mortal danger, and Holmes realizes that three seemingly disparate cases have blended into a single, deadly conundrum. In order to solve the mysteries, the ultimate rational thinker must confront a ghost from his own past. But Sherlock Holmes does not believe in ghosts…or does he?


Advance Praise for Unquiet Spirits by Bonnie MacBird

“Pour yourself a wee dram, toss another peat on the fire, and prepare to be swept up in the great detective’s Highland fling. MacBird’s spooky, scholarly, thoroughly ‘spirited’ follow up to Art in the Blood is a triumph of voice, place, and plotting. Highly recommended for Sherlock fans, Scotophiles, and whisky lovers everywhere.”

—Catriona McPherson, bestselling author of the multi award-winning Dandy Gilver Series


“Haunting, vivid and beautifully plotted, Unquiet Spirits is both an elegant tribute and a cunning update of everything we love about Sherlock Holmes and his world. Bonnie MacBird has done it again!”

—Daniel Stashower, Edgar, Agatha, and Anthony award winning author of Teller of Tales:  The Life of Arthur Conan Doyle


“If the original 60 Holmes stories aren’t enough for you, read Bonnie MacBird’s Unquiet Spirits for another dram of the Great Detective. MacBird deftly blends a series of grisly murders and dark secrets from Holmes’s past into a strong brew!”

—Leslie S. Klinger, BSI, editor of The New Annotated Sherlock Holmes


Unquiet Spirits is a superb Sherlockian adventure.  Bonnie MacBird’s take on Holmes and Watson is inventive and true to the canon, a splendid blend of fast-paced action and detection in a deliciously gothic Highland setting.  I can’t wait for her next book.”

—Dana Cameron, BSI, Agatha, Anthony, and Macavity award winning author of the Emma Fielding mysteries


“Bonnie MacBird’s Unquiet Spirits fulfills all Sherlockian desires: the pitch perfect tone evocative of Conan Doyle, the inimitable Holmes & Watson friendship, and brilliant pacing, plotting, deduction, and wit. But wait! There’s more: a road trip from London to the French Riviera to Scotland, a Gothic and gloriously gory castle, and in the eleventh hour, a touching origin story shedding light on Sherlock and his attitude toward . . . women. More, Ms. MacBird, more!”

—Harley Jane Kozak, Agatha, Anthony and Macavity-winning author of Dating Dead Men


“In Unquiet Spirits, a stylish, spirited Sherlock Holmes mystery-thriller, Bonnie MacBird has hit a home run (a “boundary six,” cricket fans).  Having established herself as one of the genre’s premier practitioners with her debut Art in the Blood, MacBird infuses this classic Victorian tale of spirits–both liquid and ethereal–with a unique blend of Victorian steam-driven science, Highland scenery, deadly family secrets, and a glimpse into Holmes’ surprising past.”

—Craig Faustus Buck, award-winning author of Go Down Hart