Hello! This note assumes you know about WordPress in general, and just covers the things that are unique to this Web site. (edited 6/23/17 to reflect new theme)

-Brian Wold, [email protected], 818-528-5137

  • Your Home Page is a PAGE. To edit it, or any other page, go to Pages at left.
  • The Home Page uses an advanced layout editor, Page Builder. Instead of the single block of text that other pages and posts have, you’ll see rows and “widgets” inside of the rows. Each row can have its own settings (e.g. background color or texture image), and each widget has it’s own settings… plus the content of the widget. Note that these PB widgets are not the same as the main WordPress widgets that are used elsewhere. Same name, very different.
  • Headers: the Home page displays a widget in the header, which is the large hero image. Edit in Appearance > Customize > Widgets. (Note that the visibility is set to only show if page is home page.) All other pages use the standard header, set in Appearance > Customize > Branding.
  • Two Home Page section to note: 1) the Appearances section dynamically pulls content from the Appearances page. Make all schedule edits to that page, and the Home Page will update automatically. 2) the blog post carousel is automatic, pulling the latest posts. NOTE: All posts must have a featured image, or a fallback will get used. The featured image does not need to be any particular shape, but the carousel will crop to fit, using the center of the image (typically, that means the top and bottom of a tall image would get trimmed).
  • Your Blog is made up of recent POSTS. To access it, we have created a placeholder page, The Professional Enthusiast. (Note: that page is intentionally blank, since WP will fill it up with your recent posts.) So to edit a post or create a new one, go to Posts at left.
  • We’re using TinyMCE Advanced plugin to make the WYSIWYG editor a little more user-friendly. Some of the buttons in the editor are default WP buttons, and some are custom buttons set up through TinyMCE.
  • Many theme settings are found in Appearance > Customize. Some specific customizations are made in the custom CSS to add to, or override, theme settings.
  • Speaking of WordPress widgets: the main header image is a PB widget, set in Appearance > Widgets > Masthead (or through Appearance > Customize > Widgets > Masthead).
  • The sidebars in the blog are WIDGETS. Edit them at Appearance > Widgets.
  • TIPS: 1) Use CMD+RETURN (or SHIFT+ENTER on a PC) if you need a line break (no extra spacing between lines). 2) When bringing in text from another program (Word, Email message, Web site, etc.), use the Paste as Text button in the editor to strip unnecessary fonts, sizes, colors, etc. You can also use the format eraser button after pasting if something doesn’t look right to clean up unneeded formatting.
  • HTTPS provided by Cloudflare. Damien set it up, so if there are any problems in the future, he has the logins.