Advance Praise for The Devil’s Due

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“Another worthy tale of Holmes and Watson’s adventures… an extraordinary mystery!”
     — Leslie S. Klinger, BSI, Editor The New Annotated Sherlock Holmes

“A baffling series of murders, French anarchists on the loose, and a spot-on depiction of Holmes and Watson — The Devil’s Due has it all. Highly recommended.”
     — Dennis Palumbo, author of the Daniel Rinaldi mystery series

“The Devil’s Due is a Sherlockian thrill ride that tears through 1890’s London at break-neck pace! A vicious killer preys upon the upper echelons of British society in alphabetical order, and nothing is as it seems as the letter ‘H’ draws ever nearer. I’m a fan of Bonnie MacBird’s Holmes and Watson; the characters ring steel true and will delight mystery readers, devotees of the Canon, and newcomers alike.”
     — Dana Cameron, award winning author of the Fangborn and Emma Fielding mystery series

“Gorgeously crafted and seamlessly authentic, this homage to all things Sherlockian is marvelously entertaining! Bonnie MacBird writes with grit and spark: her wit, intelligence, and passion infuse every action-packed page.”
     — Hank Phillippi Ryan, nationally best-selling and award-winning author of The Murder List

“This beautifully plotted, canon-faithful Sherlock Holmes mystery captivated and surprised me. I’m pretty sure MacBird has sold her soul to the Devil in return for talent. A damn fine novel!”
     — Nancy Holder, New York Times bestselling author, The Wicked Saga (with Debbie Viguie)

“Bonnie MacBird’s third Sherlock Holmes adventure, The Devil’s Due, finds her playing at the top of her game. A thrilling ride that at once captures the classic Holmesian  atmosphere of Victorian England and also makes eerie connections to the racism and political polarization of today. The deluge of Sherlockian pastiche in the last couple of decades can be overwhelming.  But Bonnie MacBird is one of the few who always deliver.”
     — Curtis Armstrong,  actor, BSI, author A Plum Assignment: Discourses on P.G.Wodehouse and his World, Revenge of the Nerd

A must read for fans of the Great Detective — with both intrigue and unexpected twists. A page turner!”
     — Thomas Bruce Wheeler, The London of Sherlock Holmes

“MacBird’s solid third Sherlock Holmes adventure… poses a clever mystery … convincingly recreates the characters and prose style of Conan Doyle’s originals.”
    — Publisher’s Weekly